Active Plus Full Automatic Red 4 Teapots


In this product, coffee house eyes, water treatment, control box and resistance coat are placed inside the main body to provide security and aesthetics in the upper level.

Product Features

Technicial Specifications
Teapots 4
Size (cm) 96.5
Width (cm) 34
Height (cm) 61
Total weight (kg) -
Water intake capacity (lt) 49
Energy Consumption Values
NG (m3/h) G-20 0.914
LPG (kg/h) G-30 0.526
Electric (kw) 2+2
Rated Heat Load
NG (kw/h) G-20 9.85
LPG (kw/h) G-30 8
Full Electric Resistance (kw/h) 2+2
Pressure Ratings
mbar NG-LPG 20-30