Antique Copper Turbo Full Automatic Coffeehouse 3 Teapots


Unlimited designs, figures, corporate logos, photos, etc. visual objects can be processed on the surface of the boiler.
In these booths, which are artistic values, individual and original motifs are entirely handcrafted and processed into surfaces such as copper and princ.

Product Features

Technicial Specifications
Teapots 3
Size (cm) 94.5
Width (cm) 38
Height (cm) 63
Total weight (kg) 28
Water intake capacity (lt) 32
Energy Consumption Values
NG (m3/h) G-20 0.688
LPG (kg/h) G-30 0.375
Electric (kw) 2
Rated Heat Load
NG (kw/h) G-20 7.25
LPG (kw/h) G-30 5.55
Full Electric Resistance (kw/h) 2+2
Pressure Ratings
mbar NG-LPG 20-30