Chess Pattern Red Full Electric 2 Teapots

Stock Code: K-SATFE2-RVY

Chess Pattern Full Electric 2 Teapots Tea Boilers
Outer surface consisting of two layers which can offer a wide range of colors.

Product Features

Technicial Specifications
Teapots 2
Size (cm) -
Width (cm) -
Height (cm) -
Total weight (kg) -
Water intake capacity (lt) 22
Energy Consumption Values
NG (m3/h) G-20 -
LPG (kg/h) G-30 -
Electric (kw) -
Rated Heat Load
NG (kw/h) G-20 -
LPG (kw/h) G-30 -
Full Electric Resistance (kw/h) -
Pressure Ratings
mbar NG-LPG -